Hi everyone,


I am currently writing a new book, tentatively titled "I Killed Schrodingers Cat!".


I need your help to create a consensus about the current understanding of these issues.  I will outline about 30 questions here that I would like for you all to answer.  Most will be just Yes or No answeres, though I will also ask for you to opine at length about any issues that you see from my questions.


Element 14 has graciously allowed me to run this informal poll and any inputs I use will be referenced as Element 14 data.  No one's identity will be disclosed.


So without further ado, here are the questions.


1. Quantum Physics adequately accounts for Atomic and subatomic issues.  Y or N.


2. Protons are Positively charged. Y or N.


3. Electrons orbit the atomic nucleus.  Y or N.


4.  Photons have no mass.  Y or N.


5.  Einstiens E=mc^2 equation means you can extract energy from matter.  Y or N.


6. Neutrons have no electric charge.  Y or N.


7. Tachions can exceed the speed of light.  Y or N.


8. Helium is made by fusing two Hydrogen atoms together in a star.  Y or N.


9. Deutrium atoms have two protons at the nucleus.  Y or N.


10. Electrons are negatively charged.  Y or N.


11. Gravity is too weak to work at the atomic and subatomic level.  Y or N.


12.  Electrons move through conductors to carry current in electronics.  Y or N.


13.  All energy and mass are conserved.  Y or N.


14.  Entropy results from Thermodynamic reactions.  Y or N.


15.  X-Rays have no mass.  Y or N.


16.  The Universe can only be defined using probability equations.  Y or N.


17.  The Universe is open ended.  Y or N.


18.  Neutrons are pressed into alternative Universes inside of a massive Black Hole as defined by Steven Hawking.  Y or N.


19. The Universe will end in a massive Black Hole.  Y or N.


20.  A Black Hole emits no energy or matter. Y or N.


21.  Gamma Rays have no mass.  Y or N.


22.  String Theory is corrrect. Y or N.


23. There are more than four dimensions.  Y or N.


24.  Time travel is possible.  Y or N.


25.  Things can travel faster than light.  Y or N.


26.  Hydrogen is created by stars.  Y or N.


27.  Cosmic Rays have no mass.  Y or N.


28.  Neutrinos have no mass.  Y or N.


29. You can create mass from energy.  Y or N.


30.  Essay question.  What bothers you most about Quantum Mechanics?



OK that is the end of the poll.  Remember, if you do not know the answer to a question, leave a question blank.

If you have questions about the book or the poll, please send me a private message.  I am purposely keeping its content quiet whiole we are double checking the mathematics.  I will put up a link to where you can purchase the book once it is published.


I will collect your results on 1 Augut 2013.


Until then let me thank you all in advance.