Last week Google launched a new feature called 'Help Outs'. Described as 'Real time help, from real time people', this is Google's attempt to try and utilize the hangout feature as a means to offering 1:1 training with experts on any subject... for a price. In the launch video they use the example of a guitar lesson, Photoshop help and baking a cake, but are there are opportunities for engineers here?


The USP of 'help outs' is that this goes beyond the passive structure of a webinar, which can often be quite linear and  and even that of a public 'traditional' Google hangout. This in effect gives the learner one on one access to learn skills from seasoned professionals (or seasoned amateurs) to help them accomplish a real world task. For example you might run a soldering masterclass, explain how to properly set up test and measurement equipment, give a masterclass on 3D printing or maybe you could do with learning something new yourself?


A quick search of some electronics keywords shows that some early adopters have already started to see the value of this new platform as a teaching tool and a way to make a little bit of money too (see the below example of Arduino tutorials).

Take a look at the video below for Google's overview of Help Outs and do let us know if you try it!




Stuart Jones

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