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The Reputation Center we told you about last week is here!  You may have already noticed the new options available to you and we're excited for you to try them out and earn your first badge!


What is the Reputation Center?         

The Reputation Center is a fun new feature that allows you and your fellow members to earn badges for completing key missions within the element14 Community.  You can now showcase your accomplishments and easily see your and others activity. You can compete with other members to level up and rise in the ranks!

11-11-2014 2-00-01 PM.png

How Can I Find the Reputation Center?

You can find the Reputation Center a few different ways; click on the Welcome  drop down menu and select Reputation & Points, or you may click anywhere on your username to access your profile and click on the Reputation tab.  Remember, you must be registered and logged in to use the Reputation Center.

11-6-2014 9-05-46 AM.png

How Can I Use the Reputation Center?

Make sure to take advantage of all the new fun features that are available with the Reputation Center!

  • Me in Three: Once you've earned a few badges you can showcase 3 badges that best describe your accomplishments and expertise in the Community.  When other members hover over your username your "Me in Three" with give them a snapshot of your level of expertise.  

11-11-2014 2-22-25 PM.png

You can set your "Me in Three" in the Reputation Center by pulling in earned missions.11-11-2014 2-46-30 PM.png

  • Profile View: Earned badges and available badges will be shown on your profile so others can see the badges you've collected and which badges you have left to earn. 

11-11-2014 2-12-27 PM.png


  • Reputation Center:  The Reputation Center is a place where you can view all of your unearned and earned missions and badges, see where you rank in points among your contacts and others in the Community, see you and your fellow members' activity in regards to earning points, badges and completing missions.

11-11-2014 2-05-04 PM.png

We hope you enjoy using the new Reputation Center!  Check out our FAQs if you have any questions, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment on this blog post. 

Nicole Fusz, element14 Community Manager



Reputation Center FAQs:


Q: Did I keep the same number of points from the previous points system?

A: Yes! Everyone keeps the same amount of points you collected before the launch of  the new Reputation Center.  If you think you lost points, please reach out to us in Feedback & Support.

Q: Did I change levels?

A: Most likely your level in the Community did change with the introduction of the Reputation Center.  This happened to everyone, so your rank will not have changed among your contacts and fellow members.  We made some changes to the total number of levels to improve the experience and points earning program for everyone.

Q: Where can I find more information about earning points and badges on the element14 Community?

A: Check out our full document on earning points and badges.

Q: Will I get credit for the activity I completed before the new Reputation Center was introduced on November 12, 2014?

A: A technical limitation will not allow the Reputation Center to recognize actions you completed before it was introduced.  There are some special badges that will be retroactive. (i.e. Member of the Month)

Q: I am not getting points for completing an action, is this an error?

A: Some of the actions you can earn points for have a daily limit set on them.   If you are not earning points for an activity you think you should be, please contact Feedback & Support or @mention element14support

Q: I didn’t earn a badge I thought I was supposed to earn.

A: If you think you didn’t earn a badge for a mission you completed, please reach out to us via Feedback & Support or @mention element14support.

Q: I have an idea for a new mission/badge, where can I share it?

A: We’d love to hear your ideas!  Feel free to share them in Feedback & Support!  Also, use the “like” feature to "vote" on the other ideas from your fellow members you’d like to see as well.

Q: I am having trouble seeing some of the features in my browser.

A: The Reputation Center works best in FireFox, Chrome and Safari browsers.  If you are having trouble, please try using the Reputation Center in another browser.  If you continue having trouble, please reach out to us in Feedback & Support.

Welcome New Members!

Posted by nlarson element14 Team Nov 11, 2014

Greetings New Members!


Welcome to the element14 Community, the first online community specifically for engineers.  Read more below to find out about all the perks of your new membership!



Member Exclusives


Registered members of element14 Community have more options available to them:


  • Earn points, badges to help you climb the ranks of the Community!  Check out our full document explaining points and badges.
  • Access documents that only members are able to view
  • Participate in discussion and leave comments
  • Use the bookmark feature to easily find important items later when you need them
  • Connect with & follow other engineers to help grow your network
  • Ask questions and get help from experts
  • Grow your expertise & attend a webinar
  • Follow topics that interest you and set up notifications so you'll never miss an update
  • Participate in a RoadTest, Design Challenge or any of our member exclusive contests
  • Browse our many topic areas; From The Ben Heck Show, The Design Center, Raspberry Pi to Arduino there's something for all engineering interests!


Where Should I Start?


We recommend filling out your profile and uploading/changing your avatar first so your fellow members can learn more about you and your interests.  You can access your profile by clicking on your name at the top of the screen and selecting the options from the drop down menu.  By completing these two tasks you'll earn your first badge, 500 points and move up to a level 2!  (For more help on how to earn this badge click see here)


After you've filled out your profile, we recommend "Following" our Community Manager or our Support Team for the latest updates and news in the Community.  You can "Follow" by hovering over the username nlarson or element14support and selecting the option "Add as Contact".  You can also find any member of the element14 Community team here.


Finally, make sure to introduce yourself to the other members by posting here; and take a minute to review the Participation Guidelines so you'll fit right in!


Need Help?

Have a question or problem using the element14 Community?  Our friendly support team is available to help M-F during business hours.  You can reach the support team by visiting Feedback & Support and clicking on either the "Get Help Now" or "Post Feedback or Comment" buttons.  You may also use the @mention feature to call attention to our support team element14support anywhere within the Community.  (Get help using @mentions by clicking: @mention changes)



On behalf of the element14 Community, welcome! We're glad you're here!

Nicole Fusz, element14 Community Manager


Hello Members!


Soon we will be introducing a fun new feature that allows you and your fellow members to earn badges for completing key missions within the Community.  We hope that you enjoy the new challenge of collecting badges, completing missions and most importantly a way to showcase your accomplishments in the Community to your fellow members.   This new feature, called Reputation Center, will be available to you via your profile on a new tab called “Reputation”.



Please read below to see the details about the new features and let us know if you have any questions or comments, please share them below in the comments section.  We will be updating you again via announcements and blogs as soon as the Reputation Center is available to you to use.


Introducing the Reputation Center:


  • Number of levels:  Currently we have 0-15 levels with a point range of possible earnings of 0-10,001.  This will change to levels 1-9 with a point range of possible earnings 0-100,000.  Important note: While your current level may change, the number of points you have collected will not.


  • Earned Badges: Everyone will be given missions they can complete to earn badges that reflect their status, expertise or an accomplishment in the Community.  We will introduce a few missions to begin with, and we will continue to introduce new missions in the future.   If you have an idea for a new mission or badge, feel free to share it with us here.


  • Display of Badges: We are giving you a way to show off all the new badges you’ve earned, called “Me in Three”.  You can show off the three badges that best describe you to other members.  We encourage everyone to use the “Me in Three” feature so others can quickly identify your expertise and experience as a member.


  • Quick Access to Reputation Center through Welcome Drop Down:

  • Profile View:  On your profile bio your collected and available badges will be displayed for others to see along with your total number of points and level you’ve reached in the Community.


  • Reputation Center:  This is a place where you can view all of your unearned and earned missions and badges, see where you rank in points among your contacts and in the Community, and see your and your fellow members latest activity in regards to earning points, badges and completing missions.


    • Ranking:




    • Latest Activity:


    • Earned and Unearned Missions Available:


We hope that you'll have fun using the new Reputation Center features that will be available to you very soon.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of our team ( element14jamie  element14Dave nlarson or element14support ) for help and assistance.


Until next time!