charlotte_godley is a 21 years-old Computer student from University of Hull who loves programming. She’s just completed her placement year at Airbus Bristol and she’s heading in to the third and final year of her degree in Computer Science at the University of Hull. Also, she is a STEM ambassador and has her own blog; and recently she also started to post in our community about her projects. Check out the her Video Series and the projects she has been creating for the element14 Community below.





Raspberry Pi Model B+



Charlotte Godley presents the first in her 'Circuits with Charlotte' project series. In this episode Charlotte reveals her Pi Passport project demonstrating how to create an NFC event registration point for Raspberry Jams using a Raspberry Pi B+ and the NXP Explore NFC

The Projects:

Pi Passport: Project Introduction

Pi Passport: Step 2: Setting up NFC

Pi Passport: Step 3: Building an NFC class

Pi Passport: Step 4: Admin panel

Pi Passport: Step 5: Creating a Web API

Pi Passport: Step 6: Connecting the dots




Charlotte Godley presents the next episode of 'Circuits with Charlotte' in which she demonstrates some of the features of the RIoTboard by Freescale.

The Projects:

Using VNC on a RIOTBoard

Getting started with RIOTBoard: Gmail notifier

Getting started with the RIoTboard: Hello, LED!

The Flo(a) Portable Piano

Charlotte Godley presents her 3rd 'Circuits with Charlotte' project. In this episode Charlotte creates her Flor(a) piano, demonstrating the use of an Adafruit flora, Piezo speaker and velostat to produce a floor piano .

The Projects:

Project Flor(a) Piano

Project Flor(a) piano: part 2


The Light-Up NFC Bracelet


The Light-up NFC Bracelet Project: Stage 1

The Light-up NFC Bracelet Project: Stage 2

Final project blog coming soon!