Jason Kridner, as you probably know, is a founding member of the BeagleBone Foundation, which, obviously, brought us the magical range of single board computers in the BeagleBone range. These are massively popular both here on the element14 community, and in the electronics engineer and creative makers worlds.


Tuned Up

BeagleBone CookbookKridner is more than just a pioneer in the open-source electronics arena. He's also a prolific writer, and we've got our hands on five signed copies of his BeagleBone bible, BeagleBone Cookbook. Want one? Of course you do.


To crowbar one of these tasty tech tomes from our eager fingers, you'll need to earn a brand new badge that we've just released, called Tuned Up. This will also bag you 75 points to help build your element14 level, which is a delicious bonus.


Anyway, here's how to put yourself in the running by pinning Tuned Up to your virtual chest:


1) Check out the terms and conditions of the competition, reading every word twice while contemplating the deep commitment you're making in acquiring this desirable new badge.


2) Register, log in, and get your profile up to speed (for example, we'll need a name, email and postal address to send the book to, should you win. But don't worry, this info is locked away tightly and under your entire dominion).


3) Earn the badge through your valuable contributions to the element14 community:

      • Like something 5 times.
      • Reply to a Question 4 times.
      • Start a Discussion 3 times.
      • Have a Reply to a Question marked as Helpful 2 times.
      • Vote in a Poll 1 time.

4) On October 31st we'll randomly select five Tuned Up members and send them BeagleBone Cookbook with Jason's tag on it!


Get to work, Beagle buffs!