Hello Members,
As most of you know we are planning to upgrade to Jive 8 in late Fall/Autumn.  As part of the last upgrade, Jive changed Private Messages to Direct Messages. We provided a way to access these messages in the “Archived Personal Messages” tab under “Your Stuff”.  In this upgrade we will be removing the “Archived Personal Messages” option, so this post is to advise you to please take a moment to back-up any of them you still have and want to keep.
These Private Messages are only stored in that Archive tab prior to the upgrade in October 2013. Any messages you received after this date will be in your Inbox, and will not be affected by this upgrade.

The options you have for saving these messages are copying them to a document, notepad, word, etc. on your local machine, or paste the content into an email to yourself.

We are giving you this notice now so you have plenty of time to save these messages if you see fit. We are currently targeting late October to early November for go-live of the new version, barring any issues of course.


Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for all your support,