As many of you know -- since you've worked hard for the last couple of months to get yourself the badge -- we have five copies of The BeagleBone Cookbook, signed by author and eminent electronics luminary Jason Kridner, to give away.


And today we're delighted to announce that fortunate five!


Tuned-Up Badge Winners

BeagleBone+Cookbook.jpgTo land your copy of the BeagleBone Cookbook we asked you to earn the Tuned-Up badge before October 31st. And this is actually a tough badge to nail, requiring...


  • Like something 5 times
  • Reply to a question 4 times
  • Start a discussion 3 times
  • Have a reply to a question marked as helpful 2 times
  • Vote in a poll 1 time


Firstly, congratulations to everyone who's got there. No small task, and we're proud of those who made that special effort. Your names were all put into a top hat, which was dropped on the floor and the names foraged at random from underneath my desk, with the following element14 members bagging the book (double check your postal addresses are all up to date in your profiles):



100x100_tunedUp.jpgNicely done guys, and we hope you enjoy your book (don't forget to put up a review of it so the rest of us know whether to add it to our workshop libraries), and let's hope it leads to lots more exciting BeagleBone projects.


Oh, and don't forget; the Tuned-Up badge doesn't expire now that the competition is closed. Everyone can be a winner here, by landing the badge and adding to your not-inconsiderable element14 reputation!