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There's simply so much content on the element14 Community that is almost sounds nebulous saying "top blog posts". Every project and conversation and competition could be included here, so what exactly is it that we're looking for in our Year in Review round up?

Well, I'd like to chalk it up as an entertaining read. Something informative, fun, engaging and inspiring, which you're likely to have read while on a coffee break, or waiting for some code to compile (I know how you guys love to compile things).

Things like...

Meet the machine of a beer-lovers dreams: an automated craft beer maker

Catwell actually made an automatic bar tender once, but earlier this year he introduced us to the latest contraption on the craft beer scene, the PicoBrew. A great post, that summarises my Christmas (and likely yours) very succinctly.


Super Computer History

For our new The specified item was not found. group, jw0752 put together a fascinating look back at the Cray supercomputer movement, and tells us of his personal history with the company founder.


Life after electronics: exploring e-waste recycling

This story actually comes to us from our sister site,, and explores the eco side of electronics, which is something I often feel is easy to overlook when it's time to start yet another new project!


2015 Trips, Projects and Other Activities Summary

As simple as shabaz's post is here, where he looks back over his favourite moments from 2015, this is quintessentially the kind of thing that turns a website into a community. And it fits with our Year in Review theme so seamlessly, it demands a mention!


Sega Mega Drive/Genesis 25-Years-Old

Feels a bit narcissistic including one of my own posts in the top 10 list, but I'll take any opportunity to wave the beloved Sega Mega Drive's (Genesis) flag that I can get


5 gaming projects using the popular ZX Spectrum home computer

And while we're on the subject of retro gaming, here's another of my all time favourite pieces of tech (that came my way via Christmas, back in the 80s, as it happens), the good ol' Speccy.


A Brief History of Effects Pedals, Part 1

As part of the MusicTech Design Challenge, bluescreen, who's quite the musician, took us on a whirlwind tour of an essential, though easily overlooked aspect of music technology, the effects pedal.


Self-driving Robot Aims to Reduce Package Delivery Costs

Auto-driving cars, lorries, trains and everything in between is a fast approaching, world changing technology, and GardenState took an interesting look at how this might affect the delivery industries.


The Maker Movement is Just Fine as is, Thank You

After The Huffington Post rather obscurely harpooned the maker movement, element14 felt a response was need to let it know that, in fact, it's doing just fine, thanks you VERY much!


The Travels of a Water Bottle #1

When Level 9 member mcb1 came to the UK to work for a few weeks from his homeland of New Zealand, he made sure his element14 water bottle enjoyed the trip as much as he did! The perfect finish to a near-perfect year. Happy New year, minions!


Post a link to your favourite blog posts of 2015, and we'll aim to provide more of what you love in 2016, too!