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Year-in-PReview-2016-header.pngelement14 Community

2015 has been a seriously busy year for us, and we're looking forward to an equally hectic 2016! Since Christmas, we've been investigating, with your assistance, how various tech concepts and platforms might evolve over the next 12 months., but now it's time to look inside.

To finish off our Year in Review, and our Year in Preview, let's put the spotlight on the Community itself, and open the floor for you guys to help shape its growth over the next year and beyond.

How Do We Put U into Community?

Don't pull your punches here. We really want to know what's gone wrong, what'd gone right, and where there's good cause for change, adaptation and expansion.

And we genuinely mean it when we say that this is your Community. So much like rearranging the furniture in your own home, tell us how we can make this not just a comfortable place for you to spend your precious spare time, but also what would make it more entertaining, more ergonomic, and more productive.

What aspects, programs, discussions, projects or campaigns really resonated with your this year? Which ones should we do more of, or less of, or do differently? Where do we fall short compared to the other communities, forums and websites you enjoy frequenting? What changes would make element14 a better place for you this time next year, than it is today?

Tell us all about the future of element14 Community below (and what you'd like to see, as much as what we will see), and we'll reconvene this time next year to see how close we got to the mark.