81ZmDPq.jpgCelebrate Chinese New Year with element14!


Day Two: Hong Bao


Nimen hao! As we draw another day closer to the Chinese New Year, we're ready with our second look at how electronics engineers and makers can get the most out of the Far Eastern festivities.


And as you know, it's the Year of the Monkey, so in order to win our time-limited badge, all you need to do is stop by to read and comment on each of our New Year blogs. The badge will only be available to earn until February 23, after which you'll have to wait 12 years before it comes up again (given the cycle of the Chinese zodiac).


Money Makers

0023ae606e840eb5f43f52.jpgGiving money as a present is quite normal in China, and it tends to be handed over in small, vividly decorated red envelopes called hong bao ("red treasures"). If anyone out there hates shopping as much as I do, the notion of adopting hong bao as a valid gift option will sound pretty appealing.


Anyway, shopping aversions aside, the practice of giving hong bao made us wonder if this was a tradition that could inspire the innovation that synonymous with the Year of the Monkey. For today's addition to your badge earning efforts, we're looking for great projects or concepts that revolve around money, gifts and payments.


It could be as simple as a motorised piggy bank, or as complex as a Bitcoin mining BeagleBone Black. Whatever your idea is, just remember to harness your inner monkey and (mischievously) blow our minds!