Year of the MonkeyCelebrate Chinese New Year with element14!


Day Seven: The Lantern Festival


Nimen hao! Admittedly, the Lantern Festival actually takes place on the closing day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, but it feels a little too important to leave out, and there's lots of fun to be had with lanterns, we're sure you'll agree.


But first, it's the Year of the Monkey, so in order to win our time-limited badge, all you need to do is stop by to read and comment on each of our New Year blogs. The badge will only be available to earn until February 23, after which you'll have to wait 12 years before it comes up again (given the cycle of the Chinese zodiac).


Shining a Light on Electronics

taiwan-lantern-festival.jpgThe Lantern Festival takes place on the first full moon of the New Year, and is presided over (according to Taoist doctrine) by Shang Yuan who enjoys all things bright and joyous. Quite a nice chap to spend time with, next time you're in heaven.


Anyway, this is also the perfect opportunity for us to put an electronics engineering spin on the festivities, by asking for all your coolest ideas based around lighting, LEDs, illumination and all other things bright and beautiful. What kind of projects have you made, or would like to make, that focus on lighting and illumination?


Tell us all about it, and make Shang Yuan smile!