Year of the MonkeyCelebrate Chinese New Year with element14!


Day Eight: Happy New Year!


Hao xie nian! The holidays are upon us, which is wonderful news, albeit the end of our element14 celebrations. And here we are, welcoming in the Year of the Monkey, and a brand new badge to usher it in.


Now that it's the Year of the Monkey, all you need to do to win our time-limited badge is stop by to read and comment on each of our New Year blogs. The badge will only be available to earn until February 23, after which you'll have to wait 12 years before it comes up again (given the cycle of the Chinese zodiac).


Monkey Business

monkey.jpgThe monkey signifies a year of creativity, innovation, and also of mischief. Which seems quite fitting for the element14 Community!


So in honour of the cheeky monkey that'll be looking over our celestial shoulders this year, we want you to give all your top tips, cheats, hints and tricks that you regularly employ while working on your electronics projects.


Thanks for joining in with our Chinese New Year celebrations, and may you have a splendid year swinging from the trees and causing all manner of mischief!