So, is anyone near the Toon next weekend? Our techno-cousins from CPC are heading up to Newcastle to host a stand at the country's biggest Maker Faire, and they want to meet as many Community members as possible!


It's shaping up to be a pretty splendid affair, as a couple of our PIK3A Retro Gaming Tables are going with them, along with some other great demos:

Dance Mat of Doom

Dance on the mat and trigger all manner of Raspberry Pi powered interactions including funky drum patterns and flashing neopixel light effects.



A desktop Pi and Arduino powered memory and reaction game, remember the Neopixel colour sequences and replicate on the coloured arcade buttons.


Maker Tombola

Our free to enter Maker tombola was a huge hit at the Pi Party so we’re going to do it again. Sign up to receive our Makerspace brochure to have a go. Lots of maker goodies including Pi 3’s to be won.


Nice! There are more details on the location over here: Maker Faire UK, 2016 -- and we'll look at getting some photos and videos from the show floor for those who can't get there.


Put your name on the list if you're going along, and be extra nice to our CPC brothers and sisters if you see them. Enjoy!