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Fathers-Day-Day-of-the-Dad.pngAnd here we are! Happy Father's Day, everyone!


We've had quite a rollercoaster ride of patriarchal point winning, and now it's time to round things out with one last Father's Day Badge-a-Thon badge.


Firstly, of course, you need to be proudly sporting the previous days' badges before you can land this one:


Got 'em? Good.


To round things out, let's get the dads involved. Today you're tasked with something nicely celebratory.


  • Post a status update with any "Happy Father's Day"-type message of your choice, and...

  • Update your avatar to a photo of your dad, granddad, or other fatherly figure who's had a strong (ideally positive) influence on your life.


The seven Father's Day Badges will remain live for a further week, given there's quite a lot to do if you want to bag all seven, after which they'll close down and you'll have to wait until next year.


In the meantime, have a great Father's Day, and give the old man a slap on the back from everyone here at element14!

Fathers-Day-Quality-Time-King.pngAdaptability is the cornerstone of fatherhood. Well, it probably should be. Whether it is or not, I'll leave for mothers and partners to decide upon!


But, in an effort to embrace this notion, today's Father's Day badge has taken a twist. I've adjusted it in accord with some excellent suggestions you guys about creating projects with the kids.


"Did anyone else see the title and expect that it'd be "what toys have you made for your boys (or girls)". That's what being a dad's really all about," Fred27 astutely pointed out, which jkutzsch agreed with.


"Perhaps one of the future days will cover Projects on the Dads To Do List," he says. "Cool things like Retro Arcade System, Club house, Doll house and of course expanding the body disposal area for when your girls reach the teen years and you need to get rid of "problems" ;-)"


So, other than undetectable methods of dissolving the tormented remains of your daughter's boyfriend in industrial chemicals, tell us about any projects, games, kits or other activities your parents made with you (all those long years ago) that got you into electronics, so we can take some inspiration for enthusing future generations.


  • Tell us all about them in the comments below, and maybe include a few photos to really help us set that nostalgic mood!
  • @mention another element14 member in your comment, and nominate them to post their parental project story.


And remember you'll need to already have the previous Father's Day badges in order to be crowned a Quality Time King.

Fathers-Day-The-Maker.pngAccording to my dad, there's a correct tool for every job. And it's called a hammer.


It's a life lesson that's always stuck with me and has helped me get through a great many difficulties in my days as an engineer, a maker and a DIY desperado. So as we plummet deeper and deeper into our Father's Day Badge-a-Thon rabbit hole, we're now looking at ways that dads can pass along their lifetime of invaluable knowledge and wisdom as their kids blossom into dedicated hammer-wielders themselves.


Today's badge asks for thoughts on the new project ideas for parents to do with their kids that could indoctrinate them into the exciting world of electronics, and making.


For inspiration, here are a few projects from around element14 that I feel would make particularly father/parent/son/daughter projects.


To get today's badge, remember that you first need the previous days' badges, and then...

1) Post your idea for a brand new parental project in the comments, and...

2) Bookmark your favourite project from anywhere on the element14 Community that'd serve this purpose for other parents looking to inspire their kids!


You have until 26th June, 2016, to get all the badges, so don't delay!


You don't have to bookmark one of these, but for inspiration...


Fathers Day Badge-a-thon - The IoT of Chaps.pngWhat-o chaps! Splendid day, what?


Well, as you know it'll be Father's Day shortly, which is rather splendid, and we're clapping politely in anticipation of the grand show by handing out a week's worth of exclusive Father's Day badges for all you smashing chaps.


Ah yes, chaps! Just what is a chap? According to Mr. B:

"A proper chap knows exactly where it's at. A proper chap is a rogue, in well-heeled brogues, and knows exactly when it's right to wear a hat.


"He wears it outdoors and takes it off when he gets in, and never matches pocket square and tie.


"A proper chap drinks tea or a lovely drop of gin, and a proper chap knows exactly why."

A tad unfairly, the chap can be seen by the uncouth as somewhat old fashioned. Such tosh, of course!


However, perhaps you fine fellows can help the chap community to update their already spiffing image by incorporating the Internet of Things into their dandy repertoire? No small task, my good chum.


Here's the conundrum I'm chucking toward your mental wickets, and if you'd be good enough to add your idea into the comments so we can have a nice chin wag about it, that'd be splendid. And it simply wouldn't be cricket if we didn't have a proper conversation, so I'll also ask you to stop back a little later on, and post a second comment in response to one of the other chaps' clever notions, too.


So that's two comments to land the badge, my good chum!


How do we bring together the Internet of Things and chaps? Consider the following components of the chap, and then give them some digital, connected dazzle in the comments section below:

  • A well groomed moustache.
  • A shiny walking cane.
  • A fine pipe.
  • A nice cup of tea.
  • A prim bow tie, or cravat.
  • A dashing tweed jacket.
  • A splendid hat.
  • A lovely drop of gin.
  • A sturdy cricket bat.


Remember you'll need the previous Father's Day japes, including the Shed Dweller, Boys' Toys and DIY Ninja badges before you can pin this number to your tweed lapel.


You have until 26th June, 2016, to get all the badges, so don't delay!


To put a bit of fuel in your inspiration pipe, here's Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer to get your dander up. Cheerio old sport!

Fathers Day Badge-a-thon - Shed Dweller.pngThe shed is the universal domain of the dad. This probably isn't news to you.


But that's nothing to do with the shed itself. What draws the old man to the garden construct is the solitude it promises (aside from the colony of spiders, but their company is necessary to facilitate the absence of other humans), and the tools and toys he can tinker with therein.


So to kick off our week's worth of exclusive Father's Day badges, I'd like you to post a comment below, with an accompanying photo, about your current favourite piece of tech that you enjoy playing with alone; whether it's in the shed, your workshop, your office or the cupboard under the stairs where you're allowed to keep all your junk.


And let's all show our appreciation for that most noble of structure, the garden shed, by liking this blog post, too!


Remember, to get the rest of the Father's Day badges this week, you'll first need to earn this one!


You have until 26th June, 2016, to get all the badges, so don't delay!

Admittedly, I don't have any kids, but my dad always said that the first 20 years are the worst. And he should know.


Fathers Day Badge-a-thon.png

June 19th marks Father's Day, in most parts of the world, so we thought it'd be fun to celebrate the occasion with a week's worth of exclusive Dad's Day badges!


You don't have to be a dad to join in, of course, or even be a bloke. We all have (or have had) fathers, or at the least some manner of father figure, so the week's antics are for anyone and everyone who wants to give a hearty digital handshake to the old man.


Bagging the Badges

Starting on Monday 13th June and continuing until Sunday 19th (being Father's Day) there's be a brand new badge for you to earn each day. The badges will expire the week after (26th June) so make sure you're online and ready when they go live next Monday, or you could miss out.


To get them, all you have to do is complete that day's required tasks, whatever they might be.


But, in order to get a badge, you first have to earn the previous day's badge! After all, it's important for any father figure to be as complete as possible in his efforts to raise the next generation, right?


And let's be honest. Isn't it part of the fatherly definition that you're an expert on all matters? Fellas? Isn't it?


It's okay, you can answer. She probably isn't reading this


You have until 26th June, 2016, to get all the badges, so don't delay!