Admittedly, I don't have any kids, but my dad always said that the first 20 years are the worst. And he should know.


Fathers Day Badge-a-thon.png

June 19th marks Father's Day, in most parts of the world, so we thought it'd be fun to celebrate the occasion with a week's worth of exclusive Dad's Day badges!


You don't have to be a dad to join in, of course, or even be a bloke. We all have (or have had) fathers, or at the least some manner of father figure, so the week's antics are for anyone and everyone who wants to give a hearty digital handshake to the old man.


Bagging the Badges

Starting on Monday 13th June and continuing until Sunday 19th (being Father's Day) there's be a brand new badge for you to earn each day. The badges will expire the week after (26th June) so make sure you're online and ready when they go live next Monday, or you could miss out.


To get them, all you have to do is complete that day's required tasks, whatever they might be.


But, in order to get a badge, you first have to earn the previous day's badge! After all, it's important for any father figure to be as complete as possible in his efforts to raise the next generation, right?


And let's be honest. Isn't it part of the fatherly definition that you're an expert on all matters? Fellas? Isn't it?


It's okay, you can answer. She probably isn't reading this


You have until 26th June, 2016, to get all the badges, so don't delay!