Fathers Day Badge-a-thon - Shed Dweller.pngThe shed is the universal domain of the dad. This probably isn't news to you.


But that's nothing to do with the shed itself. What draws the old man to the garden construct is the solitude it promises (aside from the colony of spiders, but their company is necessary to facilitate the absence of other humans), and the tools and toys he can tinker with therein.


So to kick off our week's worth of exclusive Father's Day badges, I'd like you to post a comment below, with an accompanying photo, about your current favourite piece of tech that you enjoy playing with alone; whether it's in the shed, your workshop, your office or the cupboard under the stairs where you're allowed to keep all your junk.


And let's all show our appreciation for that most noble of structure, the garden shed, by liking this blog post, too!


Remember, to get the rest of the Father's Day badges this week, you'll first need to earn this one!


You have until 26th June, 2016, to get all the badges, so don't delay!