Fathers Day Badge-a-thon - The IoT of Chaps.pngWhat-o chaps! Splendid day, what?


Well, as you know it'll be Father's Day shortly, which is rather splendid, and we're clapping politely in anticipation of the grand show by handing out a week's worth of exclusive Father's Day badges for all you smashing chaps.


Ah yes, chaps! Just what is a chap? According to Mr. B:

"A proper chap knows exactly where it's at. A proper chap is a rogue, in well-heeled brogues, and knows exactly when it's right to wear a hat.


"He wears it outdoors and takes it off when he gets in, and never matches pocket square and tie.


"A proper chap drinks tea or a lovely drop of gin, and a proper chap knows exactly why."

A tad unfairly, the chap can be seen by the uncouth as somewhat old fashioned. Such tosh, of course!


However, perhaps you fine fellows can help the chap community to update their already spiffing image by incorporating the Internet of Things into their dandy repertoire? No small task, my good chum.


Here's the conundrum I'm chucking toward your mental wickets, and if you'd be good enough to add your idea into the comments so we can have a nice chin wag about it, that'd be splendid. And it simply wouldn't be cricket if we didn't have a proper conversation, so I'll also ask you to stop back a little later on, and post a second comment in response to one of the other chaps' clever notions, too.


So that's two comments to land the badge, my good chum!


How do we bring together the Internet of Things and chaps? Consider the following components of the chap, and then give them some digital, connected dazzle in the comments section below:

  • A well groomed moustache.
  • A shiny walking cane.
  • A fine pipe.
  • A nice cup of tea.
  • A prim bow tie, or cravat.
  • A dashing tweed jacket.
  • A splendid hat.
  • A lovely drop of gin.
  • A sturdy cricket bat.


Remember you'll need the previous Father's Day japes, including the Shed Dweller, Boys' Toys and DIY Ninja badges before you can pin this number to your tweed lapel.


You have until 26th June, 2016, to get all the badges, so don't delay!


To put a bit of fuel in your inspiration pipe, here's Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer to get your dander up. Cheerio old sport!