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At element14 we're proud to be home to a community of over 450,000 engineers, makers and electronics entrepreneurs from all over the world. That’s why we’re starting a new Global Spotlight series to celebrate the reach and diversity of our community. Over the coming months we’ll be shining a spotlight on various regions represented by our membership, taking a look at everything from industry-leading brands to local maker scenes and new innovations coming from the well-established manufacturers and upcoming start-ups; with a particular focus on developments in non-English-speaking regions.


In case you weren’t aware, element14 welcomes input in any language – whether that’s the contents of a blog, a RoadTest review or a Design Challenge project.  Our site uses Google Translate to break down the barriers of language.


Since this is about celebrating the global diversity of our membership, we’re interested in hearing from you on what’s happening in your area.  Whether it’s a new development or boasting about the established industries in your region – we want to know what’s great in your home town or country. There’s so much advancement in the tools and technologies that make electronics more accessible to the beginner or more efficient for manufacturers – and we want to explore it through a local lens.


Share with us below what comes to mind when you think about the electronics scene in your community below.  Are there industries we should investigate and highlight?  A thriving maker community we should interview?  New businesses creating products that address local concerns? We want to know!


  • Articles on the history of the countries engineering, timelines, key facts and figures etc.
  • The history of engineering in the area and the key players of the past
  • Manufacturer spotlights and interviews
  • Local-language blogs and opinion pieces
  • Features on the local maker scene and key events
  • Exclusive RoadTests by Invitation for members from the region
  • Interviews with members of the element14 community from the area.


For our first International Spotlight, we're going to be looking at Germany. Stay tuned for upcoming content including industry spotlights, guest blogs from our German-speaking members and exclusive giveaways.


If you'd like to contribute a blog, interview or feature on your local engineering scene, please feel free to get in touch via the comments section below.