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element14 community members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland include several of our most active and creative contributors, applying their unique skills to our Design Challenges and developing their own personal projects using the technology and innovations we regularly feature.


Here are five of our favourite projects by our German-speaking members.


Skier Impact Monitor by Hendrik Lipka

Skier Impact Monitor


As part of our Sudden Impact Wearables Design Challenge, member hlipka took inspiration from his son's love of skiing to develop a piece of wearable tech that measures impact forces and calculates Head Injury Criterion (HIC), in order to flag up any falls or injuries that may be cause for concern. The device was also designed to be suitable for use in a wide range of other situations in which a head injury might occur, and the data collected using the wearable would be automatically sent to the parent's phone to allow for a rapid response that could make the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.


Mayer Makes Maker Blog by Clemens Mayer



The German speaking regions have a thriving maker scene that often gets overlooked compared to their English language counterparts. Austrian contributor mayermakes has recently launched the first ever Maker Vlog in the German language, featuring news and discussions on key talking points in electronics and electrical engineers, while also showcasing his own projects and product reviews. He also provides English subtitles on many of his videos for the benefit of non-German speakers.


Smart Key Hooks by Christoph Rieder


Smart Key


Our Enchanted Objects Design Challenge tasked members with breathing new life into old household devices using modern IoT technology. Our member crjeder decided to focus on the key hooks that hang in many a domestic hallway, integrating smart technology to provide additional functions including speech messaging, interactive to-do lists and status updates to inform visitors when you're out of the house and when you can be expected to return.


Don't Forget The Windows by Hendrik Lipka

Don't Forget the Windows

Another creative design challenge submission from hlipka, this time using IoT technology to remind homeowners when they've left a window open, preventing potential security risks and also helping to save on heating bills and potentially reduce a home's carbon footprint. The project was submitted as part of our Forget Me Not Design Challenge.


Retro Game Designs by Hartmut Wendt



Retro gaming fanatic hwhardsoft has turned his passion for into an online business with his catalogue of project kits that allow users to build their own versions of classic arcade games using a range of embedded electronics and microcontrollers, including products from Raspberry Pi, Arduino and EnOcean. Using these tools, customers can not only recreate their favourite games from childhood, they can also develop their own creations.


This is just a small selection of the many fantastic projects our German-speaking members have been involved with on the element14 community. If you have a favourite German, Swiss or Austrian community member, maker blog or IoT project, and you think it deserves some extra recognition, let us know in the comments section below.