Computer Security Day.jpgAlthough this is likely to overrun November 30th, we feel it's no bad thing to raise a bit of extra awareness around World Computer Security Day (CSD), and we've created a badge for all those who are into the idea of locking down their online lives nice and securely.

To get the badge, follow these simple rules:

  • Update your element14 password.
  • Update your avatar with our CSD 2016 icon on the right (maybe overlay on your existing avatar for a few days? That's what I'm doing).
  • Post a blog about How to Secure Your Devices, ensuring you tag it with "Computer Security Day".
  • Vote in our Best Hacker Movie Ever poll.

Naturally it's no bad thing to go through the Computer Security Day motions on a regular basis, but in honour of the official day we'll aim to get everyone in the spirit a little sooner by only making the badge available for one month, so make sure you grab it before the end of December!

Oh, here's the icon for your avatar, should you want it: CSD-2016-30x30.png


And don't forget to tell us all about your ideas for making people safe and secure in the physical world in our brand new Design Challenge once you're done, as well as the digital one.