Just saw this on Kickstarter, and I have to say I quite like the idea.



It doesn't look like it's very programmable, and the modular design is pretty basic, but that's no bad thing if it gets the kids interested in the idea of building cool electronics projects.


Kind of reminds me of Big Trak, in the way you can set the individual rotors to follow set commands



Sub-$100 too, which is always a good price point for a new device aimed at kids (not literally aimed at kids -- that'd be dangerous. Kids! Don't fly drones at each other!).


Feels like a good contender for hooking new kids (and parents, for that matter) on electronics, like we've been discussing over on the How Were You 'Bit by the Bug' of Engineering & Technology? page (have you all told your story about how you got into electronics yet? Post it here if not).


I'd be interested to hear what you guys think of the Airblock, Members and Top Members.