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Texas InstrumentsA global leader in semiconductor design and manufacturing, Texas Instruments has had a significant presence in Germany for over fifty years. Of particular significance is their association with the city of Freising, where they first started producing diodes at their Kepserstrasseplant in 1966, and where they now act as one of the major employers in the region. We asked TI Germany's General Manager Andreas Schwaiger about why Germany has played such a historically important role in the success of Texas Instruments.


For a quintessentially American company, Texas Instruments has a notably strong presence in Germany. How and why has this become the case?


TI has a long established history in Germany, being present and manufacturing here for more than 50 years. Industrial and Automotive are key markets for TI as they offer strong growth potential, and Germany is at the center of this.


When did TI first establish a presence in Germany?

Our presence in Germany began in Darmstadt in 1961, followed by the 1966 purchase of our Kepserstrasse plant in Freising. In 1969 the first construction of our Haggertystrasse plant, also in Freising, was completed, followed by continuous investment over the years. In 2016 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our presence in Freising.


How important is this presence in Germany to TI’s identity as a whole?

Our Freising site is TI’s EMEA headquarters. It's one of our most important R&D and Innovation sites, and also a key manufacturing location.


What are the factors that continue to make Germany an attractive market for TI to operate in?

Germany is a key market for automotives and industrial. Due to our location in Freising, we also have access to a wealth of new talent from the Munich area.


How has your German presence influenced TI and the products you make?

Our famous MSP430 microcontroller was invented here in 1992. The site also has a long history of innovation in power management.


Why do you think Germany endures as such a powerful engineering hub on the world stage?

This is clearly driven by the importance of the local markets, particularly Industrial and Automotive, coupled with the fact that many of the leading companies in these segments - from large corporations to SMEs - are located here.


How does TI in Germany support local talent?

We have a dedicated University Program that supports engineering educators, researchers and students both locally and worldwide. We also offer attractive graduate programs and support local STEM projects and initiatives.


Tell us about your German headquarters. How involved are you in the local community?

TI Freising works closely with local organizations such as St. Klara’s children’s home, Lebenshilfe Freising e.V. (working with disabled in the community), Stadt Jugendpflege (caring for youth in the community), Freiwillige Feuerwehr (voluntary fire brigade). Our “Texins” sport club also ties sporting events and activities with philanthropy, for example with a charity soccer tournament on the occasion of our 50th anniversary. As one of the largest employers in the region, it's very important to us that we're giving back to the local community.


What does the future hold for TI in Germany?

Overall, Germany offers great business opportunities in our key market segments automotive and industrial, and we believe it will continue to do so. We're aware that innovation is key in order to compete in the market. This hunger for innovation is shared by all of our employees, and will continue to drive our future success in the region.


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