Life as a Cyborg - Day 3 - Implant Migration


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Life as a Cyborg - Day 3 - Implant Migration << You Are Here



In the video and blog below:

We will quickly discuss implant migration and placement.

then in my next blog the experimentation begins!



During the initial encapsulation period my tag had spun about 45 degrees and moved back a few mm from the initial implantation site as you can see in the image below.



I was very worried that this could have been an installation issue or it could become an issue in its self.

The angle and movement was not uncomfortable at all, but it was a mobile about 1mm in each direction.

After noticing it was an issue I asked the "RFID Implantee" Facebook group and checked the Dangerous Things FAQ.


The FAQ was fantastic as always:

If your tag does migrate, move, or misalign during this healing process, it is not necessarily unsafe. The primary safety issue would be if the tag moved very close to any of your bones, which would increase the risk of breaking should your hand receive serious blunt force trauma that could present significant external pressure to the tag in such a way that it be caught between a bone and that external force. To date we have never had a customer report an installed tag breaking, and we've performed various physical tests our x-series tags (see durability section).


The CEO of Dangerous things messaged back after a few hours saying the same and that it looks like my pronounced grip muscles in my hand are responsible.

A quick clench of my hand confirms this, the tag has moved just behind mass of the flexing Thenar Muscle Group.




This new position does not cause me any problems, it is away from my bones and joints and still has enough cushioning to experience a bit of abuse.


Now that we have covered the biological and Implantation side of Life as a Cyborg, we will discuss my first experiments and durability.




- e14Phil