Maker Faire Hannover was a 3 day event held between the 15th and the 16th Sept 2018 at the Hannover Congress Centrum in Hannover, Germany. The event showcased invention, creativity, resourcefulness, the Maker movement, gaming, fashion, drones, handmade jewelry, drawing, technology, electronics, 3-D printing, music, woodworking and more.  A couple of our community members, snidhi and dhmarinov , shared their experience at the Faire with the community.  This year's Maker Faire in Hannover, Germany attracted a record crowd of 21,000 visitors.  snidhi , volunteered at the Faire and dhmarinov made a day trip.


Maker Faire Hannover 2018 --Blog1 by snidhi


snidhi , who was working on Simple Solar BOT for the Solar Power Devices competition shared some images from the Arduino booth, an Amateur Radio powered by solar power, and a home-made futuristic Batmobile, and more.   She also took some video of a Self Playing Orchestra Maker. In case you're wondering, her Simple Solar Bot was a first place winner in the Solar Power Devices competition.   It used an Arduino Nano and solar panels to create a simple, energy-efficient robot.  If that's not impressive enough, it was also the first Solar Power project that she worked on!




Maker Faire Hannover 2018 --Blog2 by snidhi


As should be expected, Star Wars was well represented at the Maker Faire!   Whether you're looking for R2-D2 or BB8, an R2-D2 Builders Club and a rabid base of Star Wars fan base, made it easy to spot the droid you're looking for.  She also shot some footage of some pretty cool dancing flowers!





Maker Faire Hannover 2018 --Blog3 by snidhi


A full day of Maker Faire was capped off with a scrap metal dragon on the go and finding out what happens when old beer bottles, an old oscilloscope, and music meet!





A day Trip to Maker-Faire 2018 in Hannover Germany by dhmarinov


Dimitar Marinov's Blog made the day trip to Maker Faire where he showed some cool stuff going on.


Robot Wars --Trip to Maker-Faire 2018 in Hannover Germany by dhmarinov


Finally,  people can't seem to get enough robots at these things.   dhmarinov shares the robot wars competition to the delight of robot fans all around the community!





Thank you to dhmarinov and snidhi for giving all of us, that didn't get to go, a taste of Maker Faire!