No doubt you've already seen the range of products that we sell at Premier Farnell / element14, and after the company joined with Avnet we are happy to welcome a lot more products available to us and this includes a new line of mainly FPGA based microcontroller development boards as part of the ZedBoard Community !


What is ZED'?

Produced as a line of products by Avnet there are currently six electronic development boards in the Zedboard range:



















Each of these are based around the product range of the Zynq MPSoC or SOM (basically how the chip is packaged) processors from Xilinx. You can click through to the various boards and the Community above to see what's available and how each of them stack up and compare. You may find that they're useful for a project you're working on! The Ultra96 is the latest in the line.


New Members from the ZedBoard Community!

As part of the product range, originally the Zedboard Community was hosted on an independent website called - this website has/will be shut down and every member of the support Community has been migrated over to the element14 Community, bringing with it existing owners of the products and the support team for the hardware that you can engage and interact with here on the element14 Community!


So feel free to reach out to these new members, make them feel welcome here, check out the hardware, datasheets, and ask any and all questions you may have about the hardware and where you can get it from !