This is the third entry in the weekly content journal that I am experimenting with.  The reason for this experiment is to communicate directly with the members on what I've been working on this past week in the community, mainly Project14 and Arduino , but will also touch on any of the other areas the content team is working on in the community.


Programmable Logic Winners Announcement


Winners have been announced for the Programmable Logic competition.  View the winning projects and see who the runners up were:


Project14 | Winners Announcement: Projects that Use Programmable Logic such as FPGA and CPLD!


Congratulations to avnrdf for PanelDriver: A FPGA based HDMI to FPD-Link converter!  You are the winner of the Grand Prize of a $200 Shopping Cart!


Congratulations to jomoenginer  for VidorScout - MKR Vidor 4000 Mobile Robotbernhardmayer for bb-cpld - a robotics expansion board for the BeagleBone Black with an Altera MAX II EPM1270 , and dixonselvan  for Display for Traffic Predictor - Cypress PSoC6 BLE Pioneer kit ! You are the First Place winners of the $100 Shopping Cart!


Special thanks to the following members for volunteering to judge the Programmable Logic Competition:  DABbalearicdynamics, fmilburn, genebren, three-phase , and gustavovelascoh!  All the winners should have been contacted by now.    If you have not been contacted by now, please reach out to me at tariq.ahmad.  Ideally, we would have these orders fulfilled a week after the announcement.


Remote Monitoring & Control


phoenixcomm   found a DHT-tester program as an example in the file. It was very simple to use.  She only had to wire the three leads (ground, +5 vdc, data) to an Arduino mega and plug in her USB cable. It worked the first time, right out of the box.  She's added a video log  to her Smarthab: Remote Sensing and Control project where she does testing of the DHT11 module:



You can view the rest of her progress here:



ralphjy has made progress on his LoRaXes project by getting the GPS hooked up to the MKR 1300 and transmitting data to The Things Network in LoRa Experimental Environmental Sensors (LoRaXes) - GPS is Working


You can view the rest of his progress here:



Electronic Toys


Please welcome connormiller to the element14 community!   connormiller is sjmill01 's son and the other half of the famous father-son dynamic maker duo.   For his Electronic Toys project he has another superhero in mind, everyone's favorite neighborhood Spider-man and all the different versions of Spidy in the parallel universe known as the Spider-verse.  Drawing on his own life experience, he asks the question, what if in the Spider-verse there was another character.  Say, it was a 14 years old, only child, who grew up with old motors and mechanical parts in the basement and electronics tools.  He's accumulated two 3D printers and a welder.  At 9, he started a Maker channel (Raising Awesome).  He has a friend that can sew, and THEN, at 14, was bitten by the radioactive Maker bug...well arachnid.  He was a Maker first - then got his Spidey powers.  What would that character be like?


This is a very exciting project!   Especially with all the awesome stuff that is happening with Azure Sphere on the community!   He'll show you what you can do when you apply some He'll show you what you can do when you apply some C/Python programming, Sewing, Soldering, Autodesk Fusion 360, and Circuit Design.   It uses a CO2 Powered Wrist Gauntlet Webcaster using Kevlar®, Spidey Sense Rear Proximity Sensor to flag close objects, and a Spidey Sense Rear Camera to use Microsoft Azure Machine Vision to report objects seen. Check out his blog below and give connormillera warm welcome to the element14 community:



Teaser for the September Competition


In honor of this month's poll:



It's currently a two way tie between Graphics and Vision Thing. CPU Math and Mesh Network also got their fair share of ideas.  All four theme ideas came from community members.  There's been some exciting developments which I can't say anything about yet. All I can say is that if you are a fan of open source, you're in for a treat!  But, it may be possible that you will be able to choose any one of those themes as they could be fit under the same umbrella.   This is early stages and recently I have talked to the element14 presents team with help promoting the September launch which will coincide with a very new product launch.


In honor of one of the poll choices,  Vision Thing, which is also the name of one of their albums, here is the 80s and early 90s Goth-rock band that is based in Leeds, UK where half our team is:



Some people get by

With a little understanding

Some people get by

With a whole lot more

I don't know

Why you gotta be so undemanding

One thing I know

I want more


- Sisters of Mercy, Leeds, UK based Goth-rock band


We hope this challenge will inspire you to stretch your imagination.


That is also your teaser.  Try to guess what we have cooked up our sleeves!


On Demand Webinar: Electromechanical Workflow with Autodesk EAGLE and Fusion 360


The element14 community was proud to host Part 2 in the Getting Started with Autodesk EAGLE: Webinar Series.  Attendance wasn't as great as the previous one.  What I'm hoping to do is use these weekly blogs to help promote webinars which I will doing more of.  rscasny has been great with showing me the ropes with the webinars and will continue to experiment with ways to help promote these live events.


If you didn't get to watch part 2 last time, don't worry!   You can view the on demand recording here:



You can view part 1 of the series here:



Project14 Badge Announcement

Step Climber FinisherInfluencer
TrophyGrand Prize CupDecider


Awarding badges for Project14 is done manually so it may take a little time for these to show up.


Step Climber badges are awarded the first time you attempt a Project14 project.  The following members will be awarded Step Climber badges during the next badge update:  avnrdf, andyforeverest,ravi_butani , and daniloo94.


Finisher badges are awarded the first time you complete a Project14 project.  The requirements are that you follow the theme, listed the steps, be original, and submit video proof.  The following members will be awarded Finisher badges during the next badge update:  avnrdf , phoenixcomm , and ravi_butani.


Trophies are awarded for winning a Project14 project competition, either winning First Place or Grand Prize.   The following members have been awarded trophy badges during the next badge update:  avnrdf , bernhardmayer , jomoenginer , and dixonselvan.


Grand Prize Cups are awarded for winning the Grand Prize for a Project14 competition.   The following member will be awarded the Programmable Logic Cup for winning the Grand Prize of the Programmable Logic competition:   avnrdf


Decider badges are awarded to members who help judge a Project14 competition the first time.  The following member will be awarded a Decider Badge for volunteering to judge the Programmable Logic Competition: daniloo94


Arduino Update:  IoT Coffee Ramen Maker Using Arduino MKR 1010


In the latest episode of element14 presentsmayermakes creates an Episode 403: Upcycled IoT Coffee Pot Ramen Maker .    He uses a 30 year coffee pot, an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 to create an IoT Ramen Maker that tastes exactly as it sounds!



Karen Makes Logic Gates from Discrete Circuits in the Learning Circuit


Remember the Hackmanjii build that was on element14's The Ben Heck Show ?    In case you missed it you can find it here:



makerkaren revisits Logic Gates in this week's The Learning Circuit.   Watch the two part series below:




What Else Is Happening


Azure Sphere continues to be hugely popular in the community and so does the Raspberry Pi 4!


That's all for this week!  Be sure to tune in next week for a little slice of the the community!