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Yesterday, I went on a field trip for an On24 Workshop on how to basically make Webinars not boring.   On my way out I had some specific questions that related to how we conduct webinars and whether a different approach would work for him and he said he would definitely recommend it.   The long end short, the future is now and time to step away from the old school PowerPoint presentation.  Part of those changes will be rolling out a more engaging style of webinars.


Interestingly enough, a lot of what the speaker was saying sounded a lot like the experimentation we did when we did the two live streams around Project14:


People being themselves and being comfortable works even when you are dealing with what can seem to some as very dry, technical material.   Its time to move beyond the traditional PowerPoint presentation and offer people more things to do while they are watching their "webinar" so I am told.   Stay tuned for more change ahead as we continue to evolve and refine our webinar program.   Change is coming...


Also,  this week we did a little housekeeping with badges for Project14 Competitions.   It's always been a huge part of the program and really what makes Project14 , Project14.   So check it out here:


The Final Countdown for Electronic Toys Projects!


This weekend will be the final weekend for your Electronic Toys  project and we're having so much fun looking at these projects that we never want it to end:


Some exciting activity happening as we near the finish line.


connormiller's project is taking shape and we can't wait to see what the finished product will look like in:

"He was a Maker first - then got his Spidey powers.  What would that character be like?"- Connor Miller 

dubbie's augmented reality concept get's a headset and which has got us excited and itching for more in:


And also this past week, fmilburn has gotten involved in all the fun and play's the rainbow ukulele so his 3 year old granddaughter does not feel left out when he attending to "Robot Summer Camp" with her older siblings in:


Check it out right here:



Something Extra Added for Energy Harvesting!

Love the conversation that's going on right now in support of the Energy Harvesting competition in:


As well as, the companion poll:


In order to stir the pot a little and get a little more activity on projects we've added a $200 Shopping Cart to the Grand Prize!


BigG revisited an old RoadTests & Reviews in Revisiting the Cypress S6SAE101A00SA1002 Solar Powered IoT Device Kit and introduces us to Edward Solar Stone in:


All Knotted Up at the Top and Little Separation in the Monthly Poll!


The final weekend for Electronic Toys means the final weekend to decide the October Project Competition.   Last month's poll ended in a tie between Vision Thing and Graphics.   In this month's poll Mesh Network has evened things up with Animatronics and there is very little separation between each of the poll choices in:


If you haven't voted so far please do so to help what project's you'll see in October!


On Demand and What's On Tap in Webinars!

Since this program became a big part of my responsibilities this has been the best attended webinars I've been a part of so check it out On Demand:


Here are the other webinars which are available On Demand or will be available soon:


I know that baldengineer was particularly interested in learning about Circuit design with MOSFET relays! so join him when the On Demand is available shortly.  We ran into some technical glitches which I need to follow up on with some of the functionality of the webinar platform but Gabriel and I rolled with it and were able to get this pulled off.    It ran a little long but some really great questions were asked.   I'm going to forward a list of those questions to him and he may be preparing another version of the webinar which will replace the current On Demand recording.   Also, will be adding Webinar Briefings for On Demand Webinars as part of the program soon,  so stay tuned for that one....


As far as what's on tap with webinars, here's what's coming up soon:


I find RF fascinating and frankly anything having to do with Electromagnetism  really seems to go over with the community.  I also noticed a poll done by rscasny on Poll: Do You Know The Scientists Who Developed Classical Electromagnetic Theory?


Perhaps someone will find a creative use for one of their antennas in the Energy Harvesting competition?


Also,  this month we'll be having a webinar from Hanhaa on Symbisa.   Going to do a Webinar Primer on this shortly to see if we can get some more interest in this before we're set to go:

Also, from Molex there is an automotive connectors webinar which could use a little support if that is a topic anyone is interested in:

It comes at the tail end of what's been a loaded webinar schedule so we're working on the best way to promote it.   rscasny has decided to see what he can do to help out so he's written up a blurb to gauge the community's interest in this topic:


Clem Mayer Has a Cheesy Take on the Mac Pro!


On a lighter note,  mayermakes is at it again in the latest episode of element14 presents.   This time, he's decided to turn a Mac Pro into a Cheese Grater because that's what it looks like in Episode 410: MacPro G5 Cheese Grater with Raspberry Pi 4:



Also, be sure to check out makerkaren in the an element14 community exclusive micro:bit  project in The Learning Circuit 54: micro:bit LED Array from the The Learning Circuit.  This past Wednesday on  The Electronics Inside ,  it was the old vs the new cellphones in the latest teardown from a531016 in The EIectronics Inside 07: Retro(1G) vs Modern(4G) Cellphone Teardown


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