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What does a community mean to you? It's a question we've been talking about a lot on the community. Everyone seems to have their own definition of what an online community is.  The term community gets bandied around a lot but we like to pride ourselves on the fact that the element14 community is a true community in every sense of the word. I'd like to re-share some insights from a community expert that was recently shared with the rest of the team:

"But 'community' itself is still a rather fuzzy concept. It’s a murky and almost mystical world where connection is currency and authenticity is paramount, but the how-to tactics of actually creating one are less clear. The groups that truly thrive have a special quality, a certain magic when folks get together that’s hard to bottle — and harder to scale.


“Communities feel magical, but they don't appear out of nowhere. Just as when you’re building a fire, there are certain ingredients you need to assemble and an order of operations you need to follow to generate a spark, fan the flames, and keep it going, …Start by making sure you’re not creating a community in name only." -  Bailey Richardson


The two big things going on here is the launch of the Think ON Design Challenge and the launch of the BeagleBone AI which is being given away in Project14 | Vision Thing: Beaglebone AI Your Vision Thing Project!


Would be interested in hearing the members thoughts on this. With that being said here's what's going on in this corner of the Internet this week!


Volunteer Judging Begins for Electronic Toys!


The Electronic Toys competition ended with a flurry of great projects. Thank you for everyone who contributed projects and making this event as special as always. I will be contacting those who have volunteered to judge for their picks and hope to get the winners announcement out shortly:


Lot of exciting content as we crossed the finish line....


connormiller last project could have easily been a Vision Thing  project as it involves AI:


We're huge fans of the Raising Awesome YouTube Channel so you should check out the finished episode here:




Speaking of things that could have just a Vision Thing, check out the finale of dubbie's augmented reality concept:


armour999 also delivered an inspiring project that would make for a great Vision Thing thing project!  Fancy Eye is a roving robot with the Maix Go Board for Machine Vision:


mahmood.hassan decided to get in on the fun and he's doin' it for the kids.  It's a small and fun DIY toy for little kids to teach them alphabets, numbers, shapes and much more:


Also this past week, Check out what luislabmo did with his Picade!  It's got so much style now that everyone is going to want to:



BeagleBone AI Your Vision Thing Project!


Today, we launched the BeagleBone AI on the community andProject14 was lucky enough to get their hands on bunch of them to give to community members interested in using the new boards for their Vision Thing project!



To get you excited about this contest and to help promote the new boards on the community mayermakes from element14 presents has shot a video to help promote BeagleBoard AI and the Vision Thing competition on the community:

Check out all the other great content around the Beaglebone AI on the element14 community:



Not Too Late for Energy Harvesting!


Have to admit, the topic of Energy Harvesting intrigues me as it has a lot of possibilities that are more relevant than ever in today's world. Hoping to see some great projects to follow up on the great conversation already taking place:


This project was non sponsored, but that does not mean it goes unnoticed by suppliers that help support the community. Check out this awesome tweet from KEMET Electronics in support of the competition:



Radio Frequency Takes the Early Lead in the Monthly Poll!


As is the case every month, when a theme ends a new monthly theme and monthly poll begins:


Also, we are following up on a great conversation on team project competitions:


We've started a poll to see what topics you would be suitable to team competitions but you are free to suggest any ideas you might have on how to make something like this work:


On Demand and Upcoming Webinars!


September has been a busy month as far as webinars go.  We're working on making these things more exciting and would love to hear input from you on how we can do our job better!


The antenna webinar with Molex is OnDemand:


The Symbisa Webinar will soon be as well:


You can check out entire archive of On Demand Webinars done on the On24 platform here:


This list doesn't include webinars that were uploaded to the community.    We are working on a more elegant way to do that with the dev team. 


Test Equipment and Electronic Loads with the Bald Engineer!


baldengineer is giving away the bench power supply from Workbench Wednesday 13 - Instrument Basics:Bench Power Supplies . You can win it by going to the doc below and posting your comments on the community:


Not only is baldengineer giving away his bench power supply, the latest episode of Workbench Wednesday 14: Instrument Basics: Electronic Loads is a treat for all you fans of DIY Test Equipment , Test Instrumentation , and Test & Tools:


After you check out the latest episode of WorkBench Wednesdays , check out some of the great related content from right here on the community:


Animatronics with DJ Harrigan


Animatronics is the monthly poll winner for the October competition in Project14 | Poll to Decide the October 19' Competition.  It's also the subject of the latest episode of  element14 presents with mrvolt in Episode 411: Animatronic Claptrap Computer Case - Part 1 :



Elsewhere In the Community


The latest Design challenge features a huge giveaway and a ton of cool prizes:


They are giving away 50 free RSL10-SENSE-GEVK boards and there is also a roadtest:


That's all for now!  I got some Cubs-Cardinals baseball to watch.  Go Cards!


So long for just a while....