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Last week of September so thought I'd do a quick recap of what's happening.


Currently,  I'm planning on setting up a holiday special event similar to last year's  Merry Boxes & LEDs  and am coordinating with the rest of the team to see what this may involve.  Project14 competitions pop up really frequently so its hard to plan things outside of the birthday special and holiday special.  Gift to gives have been a part of the last two holiday events and I would like to do something similar.


Winners Announced for Electronic Toys!


This was the tightest competition we've had in some time.  Even when we were able to break the Grand Prize tie we wound up with a tie for the final prize:


There really wasn't a project that I didn't enjoy with this contest.  The top two projects as judged by the members who volunteered were DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents by  ravi_butani and  Creating your own Handheld Electronic Games – Pocket Nim by shabaz.  The rest of the votes were scattered between the rest of the projects but I could honestly say that there wasn't a project that was submitted that wasn't worthy of a first place vote.


Vision Thing Heating Up!


Breaking:  Check out this cooling add on board for Beaglebone AI by mayermakesBB AI cooling Addon board available


Vision Thing is off to a hot start and the first batch of Beaglebone AIBeaglebone AI boards are in the hands of community members so they can turn them into Vision Thing projects.  As reported by ipv1 in Beaglebone Ai Heating Issues the board does run hot and looking through BeagleBone® AI - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) this can be addressed by use of an axial fanaxial fan. A cape will be available in the future but for now this is your best bet. As was raised in the discussion that occurred around this you're going to also want to make sure your board is updated to the latest kernal and updated via the custom script:


  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade -y
  • sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y
  • cd /opt/scripts
  • git pull
  • sudo tools/


If you've received a board and would like to receive an axial fanaxial fan let me know and I will ship one to you.    I will also hold off on sending any more boards until the fans arrive.    I just placed an order so they are not yet in my hands. It's been a pleasure to read through all the excitement about these boards and the competition itself in:


Will go through the remaining posts and will send out another batch of Beaglebone AIBeaglebone AI boards when I am done.    You do not have to wait for us to send you a board however and I encourage anyone interested in a beagleboard aibeagleboard ai to purchase one through our online store.  It's been a shot in the arm for the program and its been really nice to see the collaboration with mayermakes and element14 presents.  There's also been some great ideas submitted as posts as well as the first project posts coming in.



Here's some of the great content that been coming in so far:


weiwei2 is working on a robotic poop cleaner for his children's pet guinea pigs.  The role of the BeagleBone AI is to perform poop reconigtion with is powerful DSP and EVE cores (look in the reference section for its spec). with its dual cortex-M4 cores it should be able to also be used to control the stepper motor pair on my plotter and the 'poop gripper' mechanism.  Technically speaking the poop is extremely different from the bedding material so a classical image processing method may be sufficient for the task. However, AI method like machine learning or deep learning is general purpose image recognition method that we can train the device to seek and destroy the target. A bonus step that can be achieved with AI is that the engine can automatically derive the stage of health of the pets by looking at the composition of the poop (although he won't try to do this step for this contest):


dubbie is creating a system that uses Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to recognize images or shapes from a simple grid array camera. He's decided to make his own camera (using an existing one would be a cop out) and chosen to use light dependent resistors.  Rather than launch straight into constructing an 8x8 grid array of LDRs he decided to make a simple 1x8 array first. Mainly because the Arduino Nano he was currently using has only 8 analogue input connectors, plus he wanted to get some experience of how the construction of the array affects the amount of light falling onto each LDR pixel. The Beaglebone AI will be used to progress the LDR camera image classification system:


phoenixcomm plans on using the power of the BeagleBone AI to do a better job of facial recognition, and at faster speeds for her Smarthab.  Using a few friends as guinea pigs she'll connect her server via WiFi, and store the data images on her Linux system. If you have access a message will be sent to a small I2C display, that will say access granted, access denied and your image is not in the system. This system will store entry and exit times records in a MySQL dB at my colocation facility:


neuromodulator does a follow-up to Learning Verilog with the Digilent Cmod S7 he decided to use an FPGA to design a GPU to draw on a vector display. Vector displays in contrast to raster displays can have the electron beam deflected in any arbitrary form through the control of their X and Y coordinates:


skywalker1211 is working on a virtual loop sensor. The camera installed at a junction will get live stream and a virtual loop sensor on the road will be used to detect and count vehicles.  It can also detect traffic congestion level:


14rhb was gardening back in June/July when he noticed some brown leaves on one of his box plants. On closer inspection in the center he found the culprit, a dark green caterpillar. The Box Caterpillar is a recent invasive species in the UK and is decimating box plants. Online advice from RHS was to start growing something else while other sites talked about pheromone traps, nematode worm sprays or nasty pesticides. The eco-friendly approaches were expensive and he wouldn't entertain the pesticide for risk to other insects. He could make a trap and lure in moths using a bright LED but he'd end up collecting all different species. To solve this he will use AI to learn what the Box Caterpillar looks like and when it sees one in its vision it will automatically destroy it - perhaps via a laser or with high voltage:


Maker Badges for Makevember!


In Honor of Makevember: Maker Badges!


RF Frequency is still leading in the monthly poll but the race has tightened with Hardware Hacking and Photonics making things a bit closer in:


Also,  during this theme poll we teased the upcoming Maker badge which we will be awarding throughout Makevember.  Check out the new badge and all the badges that are available to earn for Projec :


Getting Started with Autodesk and Fusion 360 with Special Guest DJ Harrigan!


We've talked about doing some things differently to make webinars more exciting and one of the things we'll be doing is inviting mrvolt to be a special guest and possibly help out by asking some questions of his own during the Q&A session during the upcoming two part Getting Started with Autodesk and Fusion 360 series:


This is a ways away and haven't really started promoting it but thought I'd throw that in there as something to get excited about in November.


Animatronic Claptrap with DJ Harrigan!


Of course,  you can catch mrvolt in the latest episode of element14 presents in Episode 413: Animatronic Claptrap Case Mod Part 2:



Also, be sure to check out part 1 if you haven't done so already:


Also, on element14 presents , thecurrentsource let's you know how you can Episode 412: Get to Know Your ADC with a DIY Temperature Probe:



Nintendo Switch Lite Teardown on the Electronics Inside!


Did you know there was now a Nintendo Switch Lite?  Well, there is, and that means its time for a531016 to do a teardown of one for The Electronics Inside in The EIectronics Inside 08: Nintendo Switch Lite Teardown:



What Else Is Happening?


The latest Essentials should be of interest with all the things going on in the community on AI:


You can win a free 3D Printer by submitting a spooking project in the Halloween - Projects and Videos space:


You can win a Tenma Bench Power Supply from Workbench Wednesday in:


That's all for now.  


So long for just a while.