Greetings Best Community Members in the Galaxy!


It's getting harder to crank these out week after week like planned so hope you'll forgive the absence.  A big part of that is there's a lot going on as you may have guessed.  After Turkey Day in the U.S., the holiday season will be upon us.  One of the things to do was to try and find prizes for the end of the year holiday celebration.  I'm happy to announce that the holiday special will simply be called "The Holiday Special 19".   It will be similar in format as last year but the theme will be similar to the first year due to popular response in:


Here's what else is going on in this corner of the community.....


Part of going back to roots is a new tradition (maybe :-)) called Makevember.  It's where you make projects for the sake of projects.   We'll be celebrating your past projects and encouraging you to do new projects all this month.   Hoping to get some swag to you soon.


Catch the Makevember Fever!


What's Makevember you ask?  Here's a link to Dominic Morrow's Makevember Manifesto from 2018:


Makevember is an event that encourages everyone to spend 5 minutes a day working on projects to make things for the fun of it. As part of the first Makevember celebration on the element14 community, and in honor of the third Makevember event, we'll be releasing our first ever edition of the 25 greatest hits of Project14. 


This list isn't meant to be a definitive collection.  The idea of a Greatest Hits compilation is borrowed from music.  On a Greatest Hits compilation you'll see 20-25 songs in no particular order and you'll notice a lot of gems missing if you're at all familiar with the artist's work. In the spirit of Makevember its not about whose project is "best", won prizes, and it is not a ranked or ordered list.  It's a celebration of the effort, the learning, the fun, the creativity, the skill, and the entertainment that you have provided to make this program possible.


Here's what you might have missed if you weren't following along:



Check out Bonus Material (more projects from the artist) here:



Find out how you can make your own Makevember project hit here:



Post whatever project you feel inspired to do with tag "Makevember" on any given day in November:



Animatronics Competition is Still Happening!


Halloween is over, but the Animatronics competition is still happening!  That means there's still time to continue working on an Animatronics project you got started or start on a project that you never got around to. To help inspire you, we've grabbed some Animatronics featured in movies (mostly from the 80s) and are asking you:


Check out some of the projects that have been submitted so far:


On Demand:  A MATRIX Labs Animatronic and More!


Just before last month we did a live stream with MATRIX Labs which included a show & tell segment:


Among the projects featured was an Animatronics project from MATRIX Labs:


We also got an update from Raising Awesome on the Electronic Toys project they worked on Halloween:


One Last Push for Vision Thing Projects!



We've done a round up for the Vision Thing competition which you can read about here:


You have until now and November 18th to submit your final project for a chance to win an Keysight Oscilloscope or a BB Blue and a $100 Shopping Cart!


Clem Does a Vision Thing Animatronic and Giveaway!


The Vision Thing competition started with a promo from mayermakes to do your project using the BeagleBone AI.  He did one of his own which coincidentally also fits in with the Animatronics theme.  Check it out in Episode 418: Animatronic Terminator Skull with BeagleBone® AI and Giveaway! on element14 presents:



In case you didn't catch it he's now doing a giveaway!  All you have to do for a chance to win a Beaglebone AI and a Mayers Makes' Cooler Add-on Cape is visit


and follow a few simple rules!  Oh,  and it was also released the same day as Terminator.  Coincidence?  I think not!


On Demand:  Cellular IoT Prototyping with Thingy:91!


This is the most fun webinar I've done so far.  The best part of it was the Q&A at the end.   Yes, part of that was the giveaway but so what.  If giveaways can make Project14 and element14 presents more fun then why not Webinars too?


Due to overwhelming response (there were over 200 questions) we have delayed our winners announcement of the 5 Thingy:91s we were giving away for your questions.  Bjorn was very impressed with our community and the questions you asked so he wants to make sure he has time to sit down and short list the best questions.  To make up for the delay Nordic Semiconductors will also be sending out a nRF91 T-shirts to all the winners!


Again, this was one of the best webinars that I've been apart of.  Bjorn was kind enough to stay 15 minutes after the webinar ended to continue answering questions and we'll post the FAQ in the Webinar Briefing & FAQ which will be posted sometime next week.


If you did not catch it the first time then you've got to check this out On Demand:


Learn more about this product and the exciting technology around it in the Webinar Primer and then let us know which LPWAN technology you are interested in the most in our poll:


Survey: Early Results:


Which LPWAN Technology Will Be Most Popular in 10 Years?


  • NB-IoT 29.80%
  • LoRa 19.20%
  • LTE-M 27.70%
  • Weightless 2.20%
  • Sigfox 2.10%
  • Other 6.30% (includes: 5G, Wize)
  • Don't Know 12.70%


That's all for this week!  So long for just a while!