We here are the unofficial results of the November 2019 titled " Which OS do you use the most? ".

  • The biggest winner was Linux, with 45% (Debian 30% + Ubuntu 11% + Other 4%) *Editors Note Debian is derived from Ubuntu
  • Next was Windows, with 30% (Win10 26% + Not Win10 4%)
  • Next was the Mixed OS, with 22%
  • And on the bottom was Mac, with 4%


This poll was never about whos OS is better than mine! Your OS choice is personal for whatever reasons. No instead this poll is for manufacturers to take note of. Especially when release packages, as each OS, requires a different set of tools.

Here is a for instance that really happened to me, and the manufacture was Texas Instruments. They packaged a zip or tar file in a .exe file. Duh if you have a Linux only environment (wine is not installed) how in the world do you run it?? The local library will not run it. It isn't fun.