(or singles awareness day)


Everyone has a love in their life, their partner, pet, a television show, and for others it is their favourite electronics project that takes pride of place in their application or showcase.


Though for most of us, we do not always love our electronics, in fact, they can be the bane of our existence. Whether it's the work virtual private networking not functioning, computer memory deciding to fail, or our mobile phone not having signal.


For me recently, it was the Bluetooth transmitter receiver not transmitting, until I flicked it to receive, paired it, then flicked it to transmit. I hate the fact I have to do that, and yet I love how well it now works! Paired up with a Raspberry Pi Zero it functions as a Bluetooth speaker with extra facilities!


How's your love/hate relationship with electronics? Perhaps you have a project tale similar to myself, or do you hate a particular item outright? If I was to choose something I hate, it's how invariable the electronic sparkers work on gas ovens and hobs!


Let us know in the comments below and you should earn a badge and some points for your efforts - unless the gamification's failed me! (damn technology )