When you want to make an electronics video, you sometimes like to run your DMM Windows software on screen when showing what you do.

Look at Louis Rossmann. He uses "Paul Daniels Software" to show his DMM measurements while probing Apple laptops.

Because it is from Paul Daniels, it's perfect and will always show on top - he built that into the software.


Most of the Windows software that comes with my DMMs, oscilloscopes, ... don't have that option.

But there's a Windows freeware that turns normal windows into always-on-top windows.



image: my own eLoad java client and the EEVBlog 121GW DMM App both selected as Always on Top


There are several options. I'm using TurboTop.

This freeware application loads upon start and sits in the Tray. When you want to select a Window to be Always on Top, click on the Tray. It will show TurboTop as one of the options.


Click on the TurboProp icon and a menu with all active windows will show.


When you select the window of your instrument, it will stay on top of other windows. The desired effect.

When you select multiple windows, they will all stay on top of non-always-on-top ones.

The app, on my laptop, uses 1.3 MB of memory. Almost no processor time.


There are other options, e.g. Launch On-top from the same organisation, that close themselves after starting an application as always-on-top.

If you know or prefer other ones, put it in the comments.


I use this when recording and when capturing screens for blogs with the meter software on top of the data sheet.