I generally don't use mugs for drinking and I don't actively collect them, yet I seem to have acquired a bunch of mugs that I did not buy - as you can see...

They all have significant meaning for me, except the Chicago mug - my memory fails me as to how I got that one. Did element14 ever give away Chicago mugs?

The computer mug is pretty geeky and the Tardis mug is pretty fancy - the Tardis disappears from the scene when a hot liquid is in the mug.

I was going to call this blog "The Unsung Toolbox" because that is what I use some of these mugs for. Here are the contents of the Dad mug:

As you can see it is an odd assortment of skinny tools, some of which are a bit unusual, although that doesn't come across well in the picture.

Brownie points if you can spot the 3D printed part on a tool and why it is needed.

I also have mugs and jam jars full of fancy pens (mostly trade show swag), but this blog is about how useful mugs are as toolboxes with sentimental value.


  • What kind of beverage is in your mug?
  • What other use do you put your mug to?
  • What is you favorite mug?
  • What is your weirdest mug?
  • What unusual places do you store your mug?
  • What is the most sentimental mug you own?
  • What is your funniest mug?
  • What mug do you covet?
  • What category am I missing?