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Random E14 goodies

Posted by Fred27 Jul 27, 2020
I don't know about you, but I have a strange fascination watching a parcel making its way towards me across the globe. It's even better when the contents of the package are a mystery. A part of E14's random generosity, I recently found such a mystery package on the way.   I didn't have too long to wait until the package arrived. I was glad to see - for the sake of the environment - it was a nice small, re-used box. In it was a nice E14 present of a T-shirt, some stickers, and a breadboar ...
Here on the element14 Community we want to acknowledge the hard work that our members put into maintaining the amazing discussions, projects, feedback and positive behaviours that we see regularly as part of the community here on the website.   We try our best to reward you in many different ways, from prizes as part of Project14, giveaways tied to our Webinars, Training and Events to giving away hardware for your well documented RoadTests & Reviews and selecting you to become a Top Me ...

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