Here on the element14 Community we want to acknowledge the hard work that our members put into maintaining the amazing discussions, projects, feedback and positive behaviours that we see regularly as part of the community here on the website.


We try our best to reward you in many different ways, from prizes as part of Project14, giveaways tied to our Webinars, Training and Events to giving away hardware for your well documented RoadTests & Reviews and selecting you to become a Top Member.


We're trying something new to extend this with random acts of kindness, from your monthly or weekly activity on the element14 Community we will choose those who have either been nominated to us or from those we see making a positive contribution to the website as encouragement and will reach out to you for your personal details (name, address and phone number) for the sole purpose of sending you something from the element14 Community staff cupboard.


For those not familiar with the element14 Community staff cupboard, it's where we often have hardware that is spare from our supplier, manufacturer or marketing samples, and also a collection of our own element14 Community marketing swag such as breadboards, backpacks, little robotic gadgets, etc.


The only requirement is that you're a member of the element14 Community, that you comment, post blogs, videos, etc. All the good contribution stuff, it doesn't matter how old or new your account is, ever member should be eligible for this provided we have your details and are legally allowed to do so.


There may also be a Community badge to allocate to you, along with points to climb up the ranking ladder!


If/when we reach out to you and you receive your items, it'd be great if you could post about them on the Community and Social Media


Time to get posting, and we'll see about posting something to you!