I don't know about you, but I have a strange fascination watching a parcel making its way towards me across the globe. It's even better when the contents of the package are a mystery. A part of E14's random generosity, I recently found such a mystery package on the way.


I didn't have too long to wait until the package arrived. I was glad to see - for the sake of the environment - it was a nice small, re-used box. In it was a nice E14 present of a T-shirt, some stickers, and a breadboard. After seeing Dubbie's breadboard BattPackHack BattPackHack #1 : The Battery PowerPack Holder I shall have to find a suitable way to modify mine. I'll try to go for something different but I don't know what yet.


Don't forget that if you post stuff here on Element14 you may also find some random goodies on the way to you.

Anyone else think that Elon Musk looks very different with a moustache?