Stack Overflow’s 2021 developer survey reveals that coders hate the COBOL programming language the most. (Image Credit: Pakata Goh/Unsplash)


I can’t say I dislike any one programming language. Matlab was annoying in school, I suppose. C#, maybe. But, my most loved? x86 assembly for sure.


The latest developer survey results are in! Stack Overflow recently revealed that developers have a strong distaste for specific programming languages and COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) is the most hated one. Over 80,000 developers in 181 countries participated in the survey, providing the firm with a better glimpse into which language they hate and love the most. Stack Overflow’s survey questions involved asking them which programming languages they used in the past year, which ones they want to work with next year, and which ones they don’t want to work with again.


COBOL, used on mainframe computers, ranked number one for most hated programming language. VBA, Matlab, Objective-C, and Groovy all followed down the list. Although developers can’t choose the organization’s preferred programming language, businesses should take note of Overflow’s developer survey when looking to hire programmers. That’s because they may need to offer more benefits or languages for job roles that rely on COBOL, Assembly, Perl, C, and less common programming languages.


The survey results also revealed which programming languages coders love the most. For the sixth straight year, Rust ranked number one on the list. However, only 5,044 developers nominated Rust compared to TypeScript, ranked 3rd with 18,711 nominations. TypeScript is Microsoft’s take on JavaScript, featuring a type system that compiles into javaScript to make developers more productive. Other popular languages include Python, Elixir, Clojure, Julia, Swift, Dart, Node.js, and Go.


The results also show the most popular databases, cloud computing platforms, developer tools, online collaboration software, web frameworks, and operating systems.


What’s your personal most and least loved programming language?


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