Cheesy Certificate StampEarn Certificates from Our Workshops / Webinars


From the request of our members we're trialling something new (for us). Often we're asked "hey, can I get a certificate for attending the webinar?" and we were like "that's a thing?" well, now it definitely is a thing.


We're starting with the Summer of FPGA workshops focused on the Avnet Ultra96-V2 board, and when you attend each one, and answer the quiz questions contained there in, you'll gain an element14 Community certificate to prove that you attended and to solidify what you've learned in the process.


As usual, attending the webinars and registering is completely free, there's no subscription and no payment, ever.


You can find the workshops here:
Ultra96-V2 Workshop: Session 1: Setup with Xilinx Tools

Ultra96-V2 Workshop: Session 2: The Hardware Platform

Ultra96-V2 Workshop: Session 3: Hello World on a Cortex-A53 and R5 Processor

Ultra96-V2 Workshop: Session 4: Application Using Click Mezzanine and Click Boards