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This program simulates the operation of a strip of interactive lights placed along a stair. The lights are controlled by two pairs of photocells at the ends of the stair.  The lights turn on and off with a sequence depending on the direction you walk. A count instruction prevents the lights from turning off when the stair is occupied. A PLC is a bit expensive for a project like this. However there is an application which converts ladder logic into microcontrollers code. ...
This circuit produces a running led effect without using microcontrollers. All you need are two CD4017 counters, a NE555 timer and some basic skills in electronics. At the start condition the clock enable (pin 13) of the IC1 counter takes the direct negative signal from the last output of that counter. Such negative signal is inverted by the Q17 transistor and sent to the clock enable of the IC2. So the first counter drives the led from 1 to 8, while the second one keeps on the first output, whi ...

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