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EKG Circuit Update

Posted by ashanan Mar 31, 2011
When your heart beats, it generates an electrical current, or signal.  The range of that signal can vary from .05 Hz to 150 Hz.  Anything outside of that range isn't coming from your body, so to the first step in building our EKG sensor is to filter out all signals that outside of that range.  We're doing that using two second order Butterworth filters (one high-pass and one low-).  I used this hand dandy online filter calculator to figure out what components I would need. &# ...
Welcome everybody to the home of Pumping Station: One's GGHC team.  We'll be posting here regularly with updates, so stay tuned!   We're a fairly young space located in Chicago, just finishing our two year anniversary of moving into our current location.  We have around 60 members with a wide array of backgrounds -- everything from artists and engineers to teachers and chemists.  We competed in Mitch's last hackerspace competition and had such a fun time we knew we couldn't ...

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