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2 Posts authored by: billmania
Tonight I was able to mount the Parallax CO2 sensor and my homemade "flow sensor" on the repurposed respirator mask. The flow sensor is small biscuit fan from an old Sun SCSI tape drive.   To make this all work, I first removed the exhalation cage and its check valve from the mask. Then I removed both input filter cartridges, their sealing gaskets and one of the inhalation checkvalves. I covered the remaining check valve with packing tape. So the subject was breathing too many volatiles fr ...

Carbon dioxide sensor

Posted by billmania Apr 17, 2011
Basic connectivity I was able to calibrate the carbon dioxide sensor earlier today. In  the process, I also learned that the sensor is much simpler than I  originally thought. For our purposes, the sensor will require a total of  three connections: a common ground a source of between 6 and 12 VDC, at about 150 milliamps an analog sink for between 0 and 4 VDC at very few milliamps of current The 6 to 12 volts enables the onboard sensor heater and the output  signal. ...

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