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I love when an old idea fits in a new place. Kinda of gives us old timers hope <wink wink>. I found this on kickstarter where an analogue tube audio is married to a Raspberry Pi hat. Has anyone pledged to this? I would love to know the results. Clem PS another source: Raspberry Pi Hi-Fi tube amp just got better | Electronics Weekly   Picture from Kickstarter campaign. ...
A few pictures from weekend of fun:    Sorry about the orientation. I could not figure why it rotated from my pictures?       There were many kids oriented activities:  Squishy circuits made of Play Doh (home-made with lemon juice). With a battery attach to end of two strips, a few LEDs were between them and lit up. Wearable electronics. Using a small round cell battery, kids had to figure which terminal attached to the battery. Black electrical tape ...

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