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2 Posts authored by: Jan Cumps Top Member
I'm trying out OBS as recording software. It allows to mix sources on a single screen. In my case: laptop camera for my face USB cam for the bench, taped to a chair 3 windows: DMM display, eLoad display and datasheet in acrobat reader record from Jabra wireless headset microphone.     There are some watchouts: resizing the windows can make characters too small for reading (see eLoad window) my layout is way too busy - less is more Better cam for the bench would be appropri ...
When you want to make an electronics video, you sometimes like to run your DMM Windows software on screen when showing what you do. Look at Louis Rossmann. He uses "Paul Daniels Software" to show his DMM measurements while probing Apple laptops. Because it is from Paul Daniels, it's perfect and will always show on top - he built that into the software.   Most of the Windows software that comes with my DMMs, oscilloscopes, ... don't have that option. But there's a Windows freeware that t ...

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