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Here are a couple of interesting relays that I salvaged out of some older Dental X-Ray equipment. I am guessing they are 1960's era. The first one is a 24 VAC solenoid that uses a cantilever to switch between the activation of one SPDT micro switch or another.     The second relay that I want to show you is actually two relays set up in such a way that each one latches the other and each one resets the other. These are 120 VAC coils and they each have 3 PDT switch configurations so ...
This blog was inspired by shabaz and his 50 year ago post. Sometime around Christmas 1965 I built this Eico 324 RF Signal Generator Kit which still works. For the fun of it but with a little fear of what kind of a solder job I might find inside, I also opened it up and include a couple pictures of the insides. The Owners Manual is dated 1954 but the unit was still being sold in the mid 1960s. Since the transistor was still green behind the ears at this time tube technology equipment was stil ...

Super Computer History

Posted by jw0752 Top Member Dec 2, 2015
In the mid 1960's Seymour Cray moved back to the Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin area (his home town) with his family to continue his research and development of the worlds first super computer the Cray One. As a young man I was friends with a couple of Seymour's children and on one occasion I was given a tour of his lab which was situated just south of town in a wooded area. I remember seeing large circuit boards with high populations of discrete transistors as there was very limited integration at t ...

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