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We are pleased to announce that David Schulz is the winner of the PiRack Connect Four Challenge! The competitors in this challenge were tasked with creating a project using the PiRack and any combination of up to four compatible devices.


David used a Raspberry Pi along with a PiRack, a Raspberry Pi camera module, a portion of a Pi Cobbler Kit, and a white LED to create a document camera for use in a high school classroom. See David's entry here.


In exchange for his hard work and creativity, David will receive the 1970's Connect Four board game.


Way to go, David! Please feel free to give David a pat on the back.



Lauren Bittner,

Global Marketing Community Manager,


Pi Rack Connect Four Challenge

We are naming Kuya Marc (below left) the Top Contributor for 2013. Kuya Marc has contributed fantastic content about


in his blog, Kuya Marc's Linux Life, about Microsoft PIC and Arduino projects.



March Miranda Feb Top Contributor.bmp












Thanks Kuya Marc!

What's this called?

Posted by lbittner Jan 23, 2013

Tomato or Tomatoe?  Potato or Potatoe?


Here’s the deal: We all use the same products, but the words we use to describe them can differ vastly, even within the same language.  But we are one community so we want to start making it easier for our members and customers to find things by referrencing them correctly.


So check out the product below. What do you call it ?  All you have to do is respond to this post with the first product name that comes into your head. 

Product Image 1.JPG