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Back in the 1970’s I was an Analog Applications Engineering Section Head at Signetics Corporation (later bought by North American Philips) and was having a lot of trouble finding competent analog engineers. It seemed that the “bits only” ideology had found fertile ground and very few engineering students wanted to study analog electronics. Of course, colleges and universities tailor their course offerings to suit student demands, so there were few analog classes offered, furthe ...
Rear seat entertainment for vehicles is a big thing right now. But what happens when one of these systems fails? Does the owner take the car into the dealer when the car is mechanically sound and works well, except for the entertainment system? Perhaps they will decide to let it go until the next regular service, but the kids will probably give them such a hard time that they will want to get it repaired. I really believe that some automobile manufacturer will think about how to make it a 15 o ...

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