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2 Posts authored by: patkelly element14 Team

Happy Friday to you all.


After much anticipation, I've finally got my hands on the SABRE Lite i.MX6 Platform and all the wires needed to power it up. The only decision to make was Linux or Android, Linux or Android.


Only one problem....Can you spot it?


2013-01-25 13.59.07.jpg

I'll give you a clue...I'm in the UK

Since our launch in 2009, you've helped make the element14 Community a success. Engineers from around the world have come to the element14 Community to research, collaborate, and find solutions. And we are still growing and evolving to be a vital resource to you. Whether accessing experts, watching Ben Heck, or researching your next design via the Knode, we are listening and learning how to make your life easier.


Did you know? Together we have achieved:

Longest discussion
Over 470,000 minutes of content viewed each week
Fastest project
The  longest discussion on the community was 7872 miles.
Over  470,000 minutes of content viewed each week.
The fastest project completed in 4 hours (Provided by Nico).


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