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We here are the unofficial results of the November 2019 titled " Which OS do you use the most? ". The biggest winner was Linux, with 45% (Debian 30% + Ubuntu 11% + Other 4%) *Editors Note Debian is derived from Ubuntu Next was Windows, with 30% (Win10 26% + Not Win10 4%) Next was the Mixed OS, with 22% And on the bottom was Mac, with 4%   This poll was never about whos OS is better than mine! Your OS choice is personal for whatever reasons. No instead this poll is for manufacturers to t ...
IBM 701 Plug-in Unit figure 1. The 701's vacuum tubes were collected into "pluggable units", a concept introduced with IBM's  604. The 701 was developed in 1952 in the Poughkeepsie Laboratory. The 701 known as the Defense Calculator. The 701's used 18-bit instructions, with maximum,  memory of 4096 words of 36-bits. It used Williams tubes or magnetic core memory which had a cycle time1 of 12 microseconds, and could do 2000 Multiplies and Divides per second.    Photo fro ...

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