2012 was a year of great product launches on the Community. Of all the noisemakers of the year, this award goes to the one that strikes our members as most innovative.

Slice it any way you want. Our Product of the Year is the Raspberry Pi.  If you STILL haven’t heard about Raspberry Pi (although we doubt it by this point), make sure you check out the Raspberry Pi group and the Raspberry Pi accessories group.



The Raspberry Pi is a $35 portable credit-card sized computer created to teach young children about computing and electronics. The powerful, low-cost single board computer is perfect for educators, hobbyists and those interested in designing and advancing applications and educational resources. However, our research shows that engineers are having just as much fun with the Pi as anyone else.

The Pi can be programmed to play HD videos, used for gaming, and can do most of the things PCs do like create spreadsheets and word processing. You can add pizzazz to your Pi with the WiPi, PiFace, Gertboard, or a variety of dev kits from our Dev Kit HQ. To sweeten the pot, 2012 brought the Model B version 2 of the Pi, which offers double the memory at the same price as our first model and better graphic performance, better multimedia action and better network performance.

  Take a byte out of the Pi.